We are a chemical company which produces auxiliaries for the textile industry, based on its know-how and years of experience in the chemical industry mixed with the feeling and understanding of the textile world needs.

For over 40 years, our growth strategy is based on a structured and qualified R&D focused on customer needs, by proposing solutions addressed to the individual reality.
The synergy between the two main BU (Auxiliaries and Dyes) and the transfer of experience between the different sectors (eg. Traditional Garment and Textiles) enabled us the development of the market in all sectors with a slow but steady growth, leading to a presence of Nearchimica in the markets of over 25 countries, allowing us to understand and respond to local challenges.

Our Service assistance is active in all countries where we try to bring our partnership and problem solving philosophy.



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1979 - Constitution of NEARTEX by Alfredo Camera in Rho (MI), for the distribution of dyes after a managing level experience in multinational companies such as Sandoz and ICI

1981 - Diversification of with a new BU: production of AUXILIARY by NEARCHIMICA as a subsidiary

1986 - NEARTEX and NEARCHIMICA become one company

1993 - New and larger head quarter with new production facilities in Legnano (MI)

1998 - First distributor in North Africa (Tunisia)

2003 - Start-up EXPORT with distributors and direct sales: NORTH AFRICA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & FAR EAST and SOUTH AMERICA

2014 - Setting up a new production plant in Central America in COLOMBIA: Nearchimica America s.a.s.

2015 - Realization of the new multi purpose show-room (meetings, events, show-room ...)

2016 - Laboratory, new semi industrial coating continuous line


Business Model


01 Global strategy and technical assistance:

to be a dynamic company present in the major textile markets with the ambition to support customers with timely technical assistance. The whole organization of Nearchimica is orientated to, and involved with, assisting the customer in all of his requirements, with the objective and the ambition of being considered by the customer to be more of a partner than simply a supplier, through:

  • Delivery by means of contracted forwarders and, in case of urgency, by our own hands
  • Customer Service Support: transport cards, certifications, declarations and whatever else
  • Technical / Commercial assistance: a laboratory structured to develop specialties in all textile areas
  • Assistance by the customers to propose new treatments and methodologies
  • After-Sales Support: for any problems in connection with processing or products application
  • Development with customers of new methodologies, ideas and effects

All done with courtesy and reliability, trying to make the frantic pace of stressful work appear a little more pleasant and fun...

02 Geographical Growth:

consolidate its presence in the markets of greatest interest. Regular and continuous growth in foreign markets, consolidating business and spread our business philosophy. Give a look where we are.

03 R&D:

continuous "work in progress" with customers to understand and anticipate market needs by developing new products and application systems. In the mean time R&D for internal production with better and reliable reaction, for new products and /or improving safety and quality in production plants.

04 Eco-sustainability:

fulfill the existing regulations, taking from these motivation for improving production and quality also by a Nearchimica RSL. Produce a wide range of products according to the latest ecological regulations (REACH, ZDHC, etc…) is mandatory for us. Sustainability of internal production, products and solutions proposed to our partners is our future.