Nearchimica pays special attention to the Ecological aspects and the idea of ​​Eco-labeling is contained in a broader concept of "Responsible Care" to provide solutions everywhere in the respect of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment.

We work daily to improve our environmental standards by:

  • Attention to health and safety at work and during transportation of the goods
  • Plan new products considering the requests contained in the specifications of the various brands (GOTS, Oeko-Tex and specific RSL)
  • Just in time updating of the products in case of changes of parameters and classifications of existing regulations (see REACH)
  • OEKO-TEX, ZDHC and Brands' Restricted Substances List (RSL), are intended to protect workers and consumers from the presence of dangerous substances on fabrics and garments

Most of Nearchimica products meets the requirements of the most widespread certifications and RSL of the various brands.

We can therefore provide our customers with:

  • Declaration of no use in the production and processes of substances prohibited or restricted in use.
  • Declaration that the quantity of restricted substances, in the case are contained in our products, are present below the prescribed limits, if such products are properly used
  • GOTS: Nearchimica is certified GOTS standard with a large number of products that comply with this legislation. The list is updated annually